MPM03451 Round Sticker 7,5 cm 10 Pack

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Product Details

Product details:

Customer-specific production

Dimensions: 7,5 cm diameter

Material: Sticker

Preparation phase:

If your chosen product contains a photo

You can either insert the photo you have selected for your products in the "Assistant" area or send us an e-mail.

To get the best result, you should make a point of choosing unpixelated photos. The photos should not be tailored, edited, fuzzy or too dark.

Photos taken in the photo studio or in the sunlight are usually clear and lively.

It should also be ensured that the child or person in the photo can only be seen with the upper body and the entire head.

In addition, the photo should not be made from a big distance.

If your photo is not suitable, you will be informed by our team and asked for a new photo.

Changes to your product such as name, age and note

If you would like to change your product name, age, date or note, you can enter it in the "Order note" area during the order process.


Changes to your product such as color and design

If you would like to have a change, such as color or design, in the selected product other than image and note, please call us before ordering and ask if it is possible.


Delivery period:

Your order will be accepted immediately after you have ordered. If you have specified an exact date in the "Order note" area, the delivery will arrive at the address you have entered on this day or a few days before the date indicated.

If you have not specified a date, you will receive your order within 7 working days at the latest.

In the "Assistant" section, you can see an exact date and track your order.

If you do not want to delay the delivery, please do not forget to specify an exact delivery date in the "Order note" area.

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