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QUESTION:  Can I place an order by telephone?

ANSWER:  Unfortunately, orders can not be answered by phone. We kindly ask you to place your order online.


QUESTION:    Can color-, text or photo changes be made to my desired products?
ANSWER:  Several color-, text or photo changes can be made for your ordered products. Please indicate your request in the order note.  Our design team may call you, if necessary.


QUESTION:    Can also mottos, which are not offered in the online shop, be produced on demand?
ANSWER:  Basically yes, if the selected design is not subject to a license.  It should be noted that a minimum order value must be reached.


QUESTION:    How can pictures be transmitted? What about picture quality?
ANSWER:  The image should be send to us in original format, with the highest possible resolution, during the ordering process via the assistant or via
When selecting images, make sure that the person is clearly visible within the image.


QUESTION:  In which order section should the personalized data be given?
ANSWER:  In the last step, during the payment process.


QUESTION:  Can orders be shipped abroad?
ANSWER:    Generally we ship Europe-wide.  Please note the shipping conditions.


QUESTION:  When will purchased products be delivered?
ANSWER:  Personalized products can be handed over to the delivery service within 7 working days.
Non-personalized products can be handed over to the delivery service within 3 working days.


QUESTION:  The products have been obtained, but should be returned for any reason.  What should I do?
ANSWER:  If the reason for the return is not ours, it is not possible to take back products prepared with special names and pictures.  Standard items that are not personalized can be withdrawn.  The payment will be refunded by deducting the shipping costs.


If you can not find an answer for your question, please contact us.


Thank you.

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